BlindSquare uses Smart Beacons—small Bluetooth devices—to enable GPS-based navigation and greater independence for persons with sight loss as they journey through the airport. At this time, this is a trial service and is only available for passengers travelling within Canada from Terminal 1 on a predefined route beginning at an accessible drop off curb at Post 21 and ending at Gate D40. 
BlindSquare is a self-voicing app for iOS that provides verbal information on a user’s location and surroundings. At Toronto Pearson, navigation through BlindSquare is made possible by Smart Beacons (low-energy Bluetooth devices) marking one route in Domestic departures. The beacons are placed along a path of travel from an accessible drop off curb at Post 21 to Gate D40.  

How it works

Each Smart Beacon broadcasts customized messages that can be received by smartphones, providing passengers with information on their location and points of interest along the way, including the location of check-in, security screening, washrooms, coffee options and pet relief areas. 

As soon as you enter the range of a Smart Beacon, you will hear information about your surroundings.  When it is active, but no Smart Beacon is in reach, a sequence of three beeps will be played in decreasing volume. As soon as a Smart Beacon appears in your range, BlindSquare will play faster beeps in a lower pitch. The closer the Smart Beacon is to you, the faster the beeps will be played. 

To use BlindSquare for free as passengers of Toronto Pearson, simply download the BlindSquare Event app in the Apple App store and ensure that the Bluetooth setting on your phone is turned on. The information will automatically populate when you are at the airport and in range of a beacon. Regular data charges may apply.  

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For specific questions or comments about the customized beacon installation, passengers can contact the .