Hearing loops

Hearing loops are a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids or Cochlear implants. They work by cutting out unwanted background noise as sound goes directly into the hearing aid. It can be used by anyone with a compatible hearing aid.

Hearing loops use a microphone, an amplifier and a “loop cable” (which acts as an antenna) to direct sound to a hearing aid.

At Pearson, we have installed Counter Hearing Loops at multiple locations throughout the airport, which sit on top of counters, such as information desks, gate check-in counters, and more.

The person behind the desk is able to speak into a microphone which will amplify their voice for passengers with a hearing device set to “T” for Telecoil.

All counters equipped with a hearing loop are marked with the universal hearing loop sign.

List of locations:

  • Information desks
    • Terminal 1 Arrivals, Level 2 Domestic Departures, International to Domestic Connections corridor
    • Terminal 3 Arrivals, Departures (near Gate B26)
  • Terminal 1 Gates D41, F62, E70/71
  • Terminal 3 Gates B25/26, A15, C35
  • Selected U.S. Customs and Border Protection counters
  • Selected Canada Border Services Agency counters
  • Lost & Found office