Our environment

Addressing climate change

Through initiatives to decrease greenhouse gases and evolving Pearson to mitigate the changing climate.

Plane deicing at Pearson airport

Waste management

Our initiatives include recycling beyond the regular recycling program, stormwater management and glycol recovery from the glycol used to deice planes.

Initiatives for a healthy environment

Our initiatives include transforming industrial areas into eco-industrial areas, air quality monitoring and improvement initiatives, honey bee hives and wildlife management.

An aerial view of Toronto Pearson Airport

Our Environmental Management System (EMS)

Our EMS meets the specifications of the ISO 14001 international standard and is audited annually. In 1999, Toronto Pearson become the first North American Airport to achieve ISO 14001 certification.

Environmental assessments and compliance

We are required to follow the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) for any projects identified by the Act. This allows us to identify any possible environmental effects before the work begins and take appropriate action to mitigate these effects. The assessment includes both biophysical and socio-economic effects and ensures that we are managing our potential impacts.

A emergency response vehicle on site at Toronto Pearson Airport

Emergency response

Our Environmental Services division plays a key role in responding to environmental emergencies. We have a documented plan that provides guidance in the event of an environmental incident. Our tenants are also required to have a similar plan. This ensures that should an environmental emergency occur at the airport, any possible impact on environmental receptors are minimized.

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