Customs and immigration

You may need to clear:

  • Canadian customs and immigration if your flight into Pearson is international (includes US) and your flight out of Pearson is domestic
  • US Customs if your flight out of Pearson is to the US

Canadian customs and immigration

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) screens travellers landing in Canada at Pearson Airport. If you are arriving on a US or international flight, you will need to confirm your identity with CBSA and declare any goods that you are bringing into the country.

Arriving from an international destination 

If you’re arriving at Pearson on an international flight, you can use a primary inspection kiosk (PIK) to confirm your identity and submit your customs declaration. Up to five travellers living in the same country can use a kiosk together. 

How to use the PIK 

  1. Scan your travel document (for example: passport or permanent resident card.) 
  2. Take your photo at the kiosk when prompted. 
  3. Answer a few questions to complete your declaration. 
  4. Take your kiosk receipt to a border services officer.

Look for one of our representatives if you need help using the kiosk. 

Who cannot use the kiosks? 

The following travellers will be directed to a border services officer for in-person processing: 

  • Travellers with a non-machine-readable travel document 
  • Travellers with a travel document other than a passport or a Canadian Permanent Resident card  
  • Unaccompanied children under 16 years of age  
  • Refugee claimants 
  • Travellers requiring special services 

NEXUS members and diplomats

If you are a NEXUS member, you can choose to use the dedicated NEXUS kiosk or use your passport at one of the regular PIKs. Diplomats and their families should continue to use the special services counter for in-person processing. 

Save time with the eDeclaration app 

Use the eDeclaration app to clear customs faster. 

Can you use the app? 


  •  You are arriving from an international destination. 


  • You are an unaccompanied child under 16 years of age  
  • Your passport or travel document is not machine readable 
  • You have a travel document other than a passport or a Canadian Permanent Resident card You are a refugee claimant
  • You require special services 

How to use the eDeclaration app 

  1. Before you arrive, download the app to your phone or tablet. 
  2. Create and save your traveller profiles. 
  3. Select “My Declaration” and answer the questions to create your quick response (QR) code. 
  4. After you get off the plane, go to the self-service kiosk. 
  5. Before you choose your language at the kiosk, scan the QR code from the app. 
  6. Scan your travel document, take your photo and confirm your declaration on-screen. 
  7.  Take your kiosk receipt to a border services officer.
  8. If you are unable to use a kiosk, go directly to the border services officer. 

Clearing customs 

There are detailed rules about what you may bring into Canada, both as a foreign traveller or a returning citizen. Some items may be subject to duty, taxes or restrictions, or even prohibited. 

US Customs at Pearson 

With US Customs at Pearson Airport, travellers to the US clear US customs and immigration before boarding their flight. 

Priority lines 

NEXUS cardholders and airline passengers with priority access may use a dedicated line at US customs by showing their boarding pass and a valid Nexus card or Customs Declaration form or card.