Security at Pearson Airport

Not all travellers with connections through Pearson will need to go through Pearson security. To find out if you will be going through security, enter your flight information into our connection guide. You will see a step-by-step guide of your connection, including if you need to change terminals, go through customs and go through security.

The security process checks all carry-on bags and personal items as well as each individual person according to the rules set out by the .

Restricted items

Make sure your baggage does not contain any restricted items. Your flight out of Pearson may have different restrictions to that of the airport you departed from.

For a complete up-to-date list of restricted items please .

Electronic devices

Passengers should prepare for enhanced security screening of electronic devices. While enhanced screening is random, make sure all electronic devices are charged and can power on and remove devices from their cases.

Special security lines

There is a dedicated:

  • .(NEXUS, Global Entry etc.) security line
  • Family/Special Needs security line

Traveller assistance

For more info on special needs traveller assistance, visit our accessibility pages or contact your airline.