Public transit buses

Pearson Airport buses go to downtown Toronto and the suburbs. Check next departure times or use the trip planner to map your route.

Latest updates

Transit providers have reduced services and most have made face coverings mandatory. Miway and Brampton Transit have resumed fare collection as of July 2, 2020. Please check with each transit provider for their current schedules and latest information on COVID-19 changes. 
  • TTC

    TTC (Toronto)

    Express buses leave Pearson Airport, connecting to the subway that runs through downtown Toronto.

  • GO

    GO Transit

    GO buses run from Pearson to many Toronto suburbs.  

  • MiWay (Mississauga)

    Miway (Mississauga)

    Local bus service offering convenient routes from Pearson.

  • Brampton Transit

    Brampton Transit

    Express bus service departs from Pearson Airport, serving the city of Brampton.


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