Therapy Dogs

Meet and experience the unconditional love of a St. John Ambulance (SJA) therapy dog. They’re here to help you feel welcomed and relaxed before your flight.

Updates regarding COVID-19

The Therapy Dogs program is temporarily suspended due to our proactive response to COVID-19. Please continue to monitor our webpage for updates. 


"When I am not chasing squirrels, I love to greet people and make them smile at Toronto Pearson. I look forward to spending some time with you before you take off or meet your loved one at the airport."
Luna, Toronto Pearson therapy dog


"My name is Cheyenne and I would love to follow you on to your plane, especially if you are going to Alaska, as I am a true northern dog at heart. If I can’t be your travel companion, I’ll ensure your travel experience at Toronto Pearson is a great one!"
Cheyenne, Toronto Pearson therapy dog


"My name is Pumpkin and I love greeting people at Toronto Pearson and making them smile. I do get into mischief sometimes, especially when I eat my Mom’s lip balm. Yummy! If I could fly anywhere in the world, it would be to Tibet to visit the Buddhist monks."
Pumpkin, Toronto Pearson therapy dog

Ringo Starr

"My name is Ringo Starr and I am Fab! All I need to do is act naturally to make your day at Toronto Pearson. I hope to travel to Finland, whether on an airplane or a yellow submarine. I know I will get there with a little help from my friends!"
Ringo Starr, Toronto Pearson therapy dog


"My name is Ghost. I’m here to brighten your day at Toronto Pearson. I love to greet people and make them smile. In the summer, I love going camping, swimming and playing in the lake. In winter I like to take snow baths on a cold, snowy day."
Ghost, Toronto Pearson therapy dog


"My name is Shep and I love to eat cheese and hoard socks! I also love greeting new people at Toronto Pearson. If I could fly anywhere in the world I would go to Wisconsin, cause that’s where cheese is made!"
Shep, Toronto Pearson therapy dog


"Nothing makes me happier then greeting lots of new people at Toronto Pearson. I love being petted, getting and giving love, so being a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog has come naturally to me. Making someone smile – makes my day!"
Kahula, Toronto Pearson therapy dog


"My name is Zorie. I love fun activities like paddle boarding and playing hide and seek. Most of all, I love greeting new people at Toronto Pearson and bringing them joy. I look forward to visiting with you and making you smile."
Zorie, Toronto Pearson therapy dog